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Linda Redford 

Linda’s 4 Poetry Books were published in August, 2017. You can purchase these books, either ebook or regular format at Balboa Press or Amazon.  Visit her websites to find a short video (The Work) and the background of this project can be found on also

These books were created from a vision after a near death experience.  I was asked to create a common goal for all children that could begin a new language of unity and honor across the globe. As a mixed-blood Cherokee I drew from my Native roots to create the Adawee Pledge and Adawee Code for all kids across the globe. Adawee in Cherokee means “guaridans of wisdom”…and I realized every child born is a guardian of their own wisdom.  My vision is it begins to unite the children with honor in a non-violent way.

Introducing the Adawees, guardians of wisdom (in Cherokee)! There is an apparent void in children’s entertainment that speaks of myths that can heal and unite our children. The Imagine and Create Your Own World book series fills this void. These storybooks take place in diverse lands and honor various cultures and their traditions. In each book, the central character is faced with an emotional challenge and undergoes a unique transformation. As characters meet each other in successive stories, a common goal is developed that promotes social harmony, (never violence) as well as each character’s personal growth. These unique storybooks invite readers of all ages to embrace their own creativity and illustrate their version of the stories. By inviting the reader to imagine and create what is in their mind’s eye, valuable metaphors and lessons are explored. Whether in the home or in the classroom, the Imagine and Create Your Own World books are a rewarding, interactive experience that nourishes emotional intelligence and prosocial values.

Looking for others to participate in this common goal, be it schools (you can read about our pilot program at The teacher said after one year, he had not experienced such unity in a classroom in all the years of his teaching.  Please join us.

You can reach Linda at
Phone:  310-699-1130
Osada (it is good in Cherokee)

Diane Y. Chapman

With more than 60 published business and health articles, four books, two blogs and over 50 featured media appearances, Diane was most recently the coauthor of How Smart People Sabotage Their Job Search: Ten Mistakes Executives Make and How to Fix Them. She is also a featured contributor to the Simple Truths’ book Customer Love, where she is profiled as “offering great customer service,” and an inspiration to other businesses.

Since moving to the Atlanta area from Orange County, California in 2011, Diane has been writing a humorist column for The CurrentHub newspaper about life as a baby boomer. As a blogger, her presence on the internet includes business blogs as Chief Writer and Communications Officer for Power Connections, Inc., one of Southern California’s most unique executive outplacement, leadership coaching, and career transitions services. She writes for, and manages the blog for the company, editing the team’s contributions as well with the distribution throughout social media. She posts humorous blogs on as “Ask Di” in her not-very-often spare time. Many of her former blogs and essays appear in “The Daily Job Hunt” on WordPress.

Rekindle Your Purpose

If you’re lucky in your lifetime, you’ll meet someone like Beth. I’m talking about Beth Sanden, a 63-year old paraplegic who is a global champion marathoner and triathlete contender, who has made a dramatic and inspirational impact worldwide.

As Beth trained for a third Ironman race in April 2002, competing in a 50-mile bicycle race, her life changed in an instant when a patch of broken asphalt and water sent her bicycle flying. She landed on her back on the asphalt. Knocked out upon impact, she suffered a severe concussion and a T6-7 spinal cord injury.

She instantly became a paraplegic with paralysis from the waist down. She had surgeries with rods and screws the size of construction hardware holding her together; excruciating pain, and the news “You’ll never walk again.” Beth’s life seemed to be over as she knew it, and racing an unrequited longing.

But she did walk again, even with paralyzation. And her racing wasn’t over. Now, after finishing 7 Marathons on 7 Continents and the North Pole Marathon, and she has earned a place in the Guinness and the Official World Records. And she hasn’t stopped there.

Beth’s story is of hope turned into grit, commitment, perseverance, faith, will power, courage, and ultimately joy. It will move you forward to achieve your own goals and dreams, to find your purpose, and to overcome the obstacles that can meet you on your journey.

Diane coauthored Rekindle Your Purpose with Beth Sanden. Available on Amazon:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Rosy Aronson, Ph.D.

Rosy Aronson, Ph.D., is an inspirational artist, author and counselor with a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy and a Doctorate in Intuitive Listening & the Creative Arts. Rosy has created ’64 Faces of Awakening,’ ‘The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck,’ (originally in black-and-white, now in full color), ‘The Wisdom Keepers Inner Guidebook,’ ‘The 64 Faces of Awakening Coloring Book,’ and ‘Designed to Blossom: A Creative Workbook & Foundational Course in Human Design’ in order to reflect essential healing archetypes that lie at the foundation of our universe. She has also written ‘Part One of A Tale of Serendipity,’ an emerging book series for young (and old!) adults. Her deepest intention is to provide empowering tools for people to awaken to their gifts, bloom into their authentic selves and participate in making our world a more kind, collaborative and healthy place.

An avid permission-giver, pressure-dissolver and embracer of the unknown, Rosy believes we are literally designed to blossom, and the more each of us radically trusts, honors and expresses our true nature, the more magic we can create together. Rosy lives with her Danish husband Kim and her daughter in Berkeley, CA.

Walking a Fine Line: How to Be a Professional Wisdom Keeper in the Healing Arts

Published May 5, 2018

 Whether you live, work or learn in a spiritual or alternative learning environment, Walking a Fine Line: How to Be a Professional Wisdom Keeper in the Healing Arts is here to help raise the quality of our collective service and grow as a planetary family of creative, caring individuals.

Professional Wisdom Keepers are today’s therapists, healers, coaches, psychologists, bodyworkers, astrologers, psychics, spiritual counselors, yoga teachers, inspirational speakers, workshop leaders, meditation facilitators, metaphysical mediums, urban shamans, priestess circle holders, and more.

As professional Wisdom Keepers, sharing knowledge and techniques is only half of our task. Discovering how to share, with whom, when, how much, why, and where make up the other portion. Walking a Fine Line speaks to the wisdom, skill, art and balance we all need to live and serve with integrity.

Walking a Fine Line Website 

Purchase Walking a Fine Line on Amazon

The Designed to Blossom Resource Book

Published March 19, 2018

The Designed to Blossom Resource Book is a friendly place for Human Design enthusiasts wanting to expand their understanding, refine their experiment and receive heartfelt guidance. Integrating humanistic psychology, the Gene Keys and more, Rosy Aronson PhD reflects over a rich collection of themes, challenges and questions that have arisen over her many years working closely with Human Design and Gene Keys students and clients.

Full of simplicity, wisdom and kindness, this book is a fantastic resource for those who have:

  • explored Human Design elsewhere, but are longing for a nuanced, compassionate, relationally-grounded and paradox-embracing way of working with this powerful system
  • wanted to bridge Human Design with Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys, and Rudd’s and Pitzal’s Integral Human Design
  • already purchased the Designed to Blossom online course or Creative Workbook and would love some extra guidance and support.

With a collaborative, fun and inquiry-loving spirit, Rosy’s unique approach to Human Design will empower you to meet life head-on with vitality, and to respond to everyday (and very human!) challenges with creative grounding, emotional maturity and self-respect.

Designed to Blossom Website

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The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck: A 65-Card Deck and Guidebook
Rosy’s Website:
Published November 11, 2016

Come celebrate the Soul of the World, a miraculous multiplicity of ONE as revealed in artist Rosy Aronson’s magical Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck, now in its larger size and full color. This enhanced Deck and the accompanying Inner Guidebook are empowering tools of self-acceptance and understanding, a playful way to embrace our shadows with love and uncover the gifts that only we can bring to the world. (The mini-Inner Guidebook is also available on Amazon as a 300-page, easy-to-read paperback.) The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck is connected to Richard Rudd’s visionary book The Gene Keys, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, and the archetypal themes at the foundation of our universe. These faces are embodied keepers of love and wisdom; they and their stories offer direct, heartfelt ways to work with the emotions, fears and challenges we all face. The Wisdom Keepers believe in us. They see our beauty, power and potential.

“These are extraordinary cards. Gazing into the 64 Faces is a unique contemplative door to an inner space of surrender and serenity. Work with these cards in your daily life, and you will open up this secret door inside your heart. Share them with others and let them go to work in the world, for they are here to soothe and soften the soul and to invoke the very best of our human qualities and aspirations.”  ~ Richard Rudd

The 64 Faces of Awakening Coloring Book: A relaxing, heart-opening journey into the world of the Wisdom Keepers
Rosy’s Website:
Published January 11, 2016

‘The 64 Faces of Awakening Coloring Book’ welcomes you into the gaze of the Wisdom Keepers. This is not your ordinary coloring book. Page by page, you have the unique opportunity to welcome a beautiful, healing and transformative relationship into your life. The Wisdom Keepers are here to capture your imagination, awaken your gifts and leave you feeling seen, cherished and supported. Relax into their restorative, loving and compassionate presence.

The 64 Faces of Awakening began as a meditative, intuitive and deeply personal journey. Throughout the creative process, Rosy’s intention was to bring forth 64 unique human faces as a means of reclaiming, reflecting and celebrating the soul of the world–a miraculous multiplicity of ONE. Infused with evocative shapes and universal symbols, this diverse family of ‘Wisdom Keepers’ connects us with our collective evolution and indigenous roots, represents both ancient and new human archetypes, and embodies the peace, love and compassion so needed in our world .

Adult coloring books are noted for creative expression while easing stress and promoting focus and mindfulness in adults and children, and have quickly grown into one of the biggest markets in publishing. The 64 Faces of Awakening Coloring Book is unique in its diversity, with a global, humanitarian representation of cultures shown in the faces of 64 Wisdom Keepers from around the world. All these elements have also made The 64 Faces an effective healing tool in a variety of organizations from children’s hospitals to rehabilitation centers, from Stanford University to Washington, D.C.

 Designed to Blossom: Color Edition: A Creative Workbook and Foundational Course in Human Design
Rosy’s website:
Published May 30, 2016

It’s time to liberate your Inner Wisdom Keeper!

Designed to Blossom (the FULL COLOR EDITION) is a brilliant, compassionate and transformative workbook/course in Human Design, passionately crafted by Rosy Aronson–an artist, Human Design enthusiast, Gene Keys alchemist, cutting edge counselor, and creator of the timeless and archetypal 64 Wisdom Keepers.

Human Design is an extraordinary system that weaves together modern day epigenetic wisdom with the I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, and the Chakra System.

This workbook provides a rare opportunity to transform an intellectual understanding of your unique Human Design into a fully (and joyously!) lived experience.With clarity, play and practicality, Rosy guides you–petal by petal–through a highly experiential and psychologically grounded journey of self-liberation.

  • discover where you are, what you love, and what’s holding you back
  • catalyze a deeply personal ‘blossoming’ process
  • receive an inspiring introduction to your unique Human Design
  • turn decision-making into a spiritual practice
  • embrace your unique purpose and share your gifts with the world
  • learn about some wonderful ways Human Design is evolving (through Richard Rudd’s The Gene Keys and Integral Human Design)

Buy this book and receive BONUS Instructional Videos from Rosy’s online Designed to Blossom course:

Designed to Blossom is also available in Black/White, at a lower cost.

A Tale of Serendipity: Part One: The Adventure Begins! (The Wisdom Keepers Adventure Series) (Volume 1)
Rosy’s website:
Published July 11, 2010

A Tale of Serendipity is more than an adventure story. It is a tale about the deep interconnectedness that exists between all living beings. It is about respect, empathy, compassion, dignity, integrity, honesty and collaboration. It illuminates the highest potential in humanity, as well as our deepest wounds. It is here to help our children grow up with the self-love, sense of empowerment and planetary compassion they’re going to need as they discover and embrace their unique roles in our shared evolution.

Ultimately, this unfolding tale is for the open-minded, open-hearted child in each of us, who still believes in (and is counting on!) a future where diversity is celebrated, conflicts are resolved peacefully, and our earth — and all of her creatures — are respected, protected and allowed to thrive.

This is the story of a family of seals whose peaceful life is suddenly torn apart by a ravaging storm and a vicious seal-hunting ship. Forced to leave their mother and about-to-be-born sibling behind, the five young brothers Rutt, Ruff, Raul, Reck and Rup are whisked away by their father. Their escape turns into a journey that will change them all forever. How will the brothers learn what happened to their mother, and how can they possibly find her in the vastness of the ocean? And what about their newborn sibling? Did the little pup, born at the worst moment imaginable, survive the tempest and hunter’s attack? Will Rutt, Ruff, Raul, Reck and Rup ever bring their family back together? Faced with this almost unsurmountable task, the five brothers must take things into their own hands, even if it means defying their father. Embarking on the serendipitous adventure of a lifetime, they enlist the magical help of their dolphin friends — facing fears, solving puzzles and revealing secrets along the way.

Kim Chernin, Ph.D.

In the words of the Author…..

I want to speak to my readers. I want to say what is on my mind, raising controversial issues, turning over ambiguities, talking directly, without the intervention of publishers or publicists or pages or books. I want to be known and I want to know you.


— excerpted from Jerilyn Fisher, Jewish American Women Writers

On May 7, 1940, as Rose Chernin went through labor, she was reading a book between contractions: On the Woman Question, by Lenin’s comrade Clara Zetkin. Ushering Kim into the world with that book by her side, Rose may have hoped to inspire Communist vision and activism in the adult her baby would become; instead, she seems to have unknowingly augured her daughter’s commitment to and gift for writing about women.

Born in the Bronx to two fiercely committed Marxists, Kim Chernin was exposed from the start to leftist teachings and impassioned political involvement. As a child, she marched with her mother, helped hand out Party leaflets, sang organizing songs, and overheard weekly Party meetings. Yet the Marxist teachings of Chernin’s parents did not result in her later commitment to revolutionary ideologies and activism; rather, she became a poet, a mystic, and an interpreter of women’s psychological experiences. These interests and capacities seem to have stemmed from the extended family circle of compelling storytellers.

For young Kim Chernin, one early source of inspiration for writing came from her shtetl- born grandmother, Perle, who created Yiddish tales for other women to use in their letters abroad. Chernin was also influenced by her storytelling father, Paul Kusnitz, who liked to recite Pushkin and delighted his daughter with daily “homespun tales.” Rose Chernin, another gifted teller of tales, sometimes left Kim bored with her didactic stories “about madness, revolution, the struggle to survive…” (Crossing the Border). Yet from her mother, too, Kim learned to harness and relish the power of the ranconteur.

Current Work


by award-winning and bestselling authors Kim Chernin, Ph.D. and Renate Stendhal, Ph.D.

A groundbreaking, taboo-smashing book for every lesbian couple who has already tied the knot or is getting ready to walk down the aisle.

I have recently published the following books:

20th Anniversary edition of In My Mother’s House with new material.
The Girl Who Went and Saw and Came Back

My correspondence, notebooks, collected papers and unpublished writings are archived at the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College.

During the last several years I have worked on three manuscripts:

A Novel: If I were a Black Girl
Essays: Life’s Long Learning: Lessons with Unintended Teachers
A Memoir: Kaddish for My Sister

I have decided to not publish these for the time being, but to go on writing and accumulating manuscripts. After twenty-five years of an active publishing life it seems a sane and peaceful way to proceed.

Kim’s web site is:

Renate Stendhal, Ph.D.    (with Kim Chernin, Ph.D.)

Press contact: Michele Karlsberg         

Renate Stendhal published her memoir KISS ME AGAIN, PARIS (with IF SF Publishing) in 2017:

An award-winning coming of age story set in the late 70s, when Parisian women were at the height of sexual liberation and empowerment.

 “Renate Stendhal’s daring new book throbs with the pulse of Paris in the 1970s. Written with verve,

this book captures the sense of erotic excitement that Paris continues to inspire.”
—Marilyn Yalom, author of How the French Invented Love  and The Social Sex

The first relationship guide book for married and soon-to-be married lesbians

“The underlying message of the book is that radical honesty is what keeps a relationship whole and alive. No pressure is exerted on couples to be sexual. Instead, the overall intention is to help us ‘recover the body’s lost capacity for pleasure,’ which means being open to a multitude of ways of expressing affection and intimacy.”

                                                            — Lesbian Connection


by award-winning and bestselling authors Kim Chernin, Ph.D. and Renate Stendhal, Ph.D.

A groundbreaking, taboo-smashing book for every lesbian couple who has already tied the knot or is getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Now that lesbian couples are stepping into full recognition by culture and society, there is more pressure to succeed as a couple – and potentially a family. There is also the invitation to fill the age-old institution with a new spirit and new forms of living.

Until now, nobody has told lesbian couples how to succeed in their marriage. Nobody has yet told them how to keep sex and romance alive “until death do you part.” Lesbian Marriage: A Love & Sex Forever Kit is a life-changer, giving couples the tools they need to build and maintain a passionate, fulfilling marriage.

Lesbian Marriage: A Love & Sex Forever Kit offers couples:

  • shrewd advice and handy tools for the major challenges of lesbian marriage
  • fun lists of what to do and not to do when faced with these challenges
  • realistic and effective guidance to keep sex and romance hot
  • taboo-breaking revelations about what really goes on in bed
  • encouragement to see the anxieties and pitfalls of lesbian marriage with humor
  • reassurance that the new pressures to succeed in lesbian marriage can be met creatively
  • inspiration to say ‘I do’ every day of your life

Lesbian Marriage: A Love & Sex Forever Kit is 160 pages, illustrated with amusing, sexy drawings. It entertains and educates with humor and a lot of common sense (the least common kind of sense).

With this unique toolkit, the authors, who are also relationship experts, continue their pioneering work on women and sex. Here they are sharing their own experience as well as that of friends and clients of different backgrounds, ethnicities and ages. After a cross-cultural relationship of 28 years, Kim Chernin and Renate Stendhal are now a married couple.

Kim Chernin, Ph.D., is the author of 17 books, among them the bestselling The Hungry Self, the classic In My Mother’s House and the memoir My Life As a Boy. 

Renate Stendhal, Ph.D., has published several books, among them a relationship guide for couples, True Secrets of Lesbian Desire, and the award-winning photo-biography Gertrude Stein in Words and Pictures.

ISBN #: 978-0615992365

Find out more about the book at

To order the book, please visit

Grant McFetridge

Title: Silence the Voices: Discovering the Biology of Mind Chatter
Published: 2017
  • Are you sometimes distracted by background thoughts or chatter in your head?
  • If you meditate, is it a struggle to ‘quiet your mind’?
  • Do you suffer from intrusive, racing or obsessive thoughts?
  • Are you someone who ‘hears voices’ but are otherwise mentally well?
  • Have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia (or other mental illness) that includes auditory hallucinations?

Mind chatter and a common fungal infection
You have in your hands a story of 22 years of effort to understand the cause of ‘voices’ and the search to find an effective treatment. Written like a detective mystery, you’ll read about our successes – and our failures – as we slowly solved this baffling and heartbreaking problem. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, we eventually discovered that the underlying cause of all these symptoms is a common fungal infection located inside the cells themselves.

More than just voices
Our species is capable of such amazing heights – yet struggles with cultural limitations, prejudices and war. Completely unsuspected until now, the same pandemic fungal disease that causes ‘voices’ is at the root of these terrible global problems.

Simple, fast treatments
Written for laypeople and professionals alike, these pages introduce the concepts necessary to understand the biological origin of these symptoms. But theory is not enough for the millions of people who suffer from these problems – we include simple, fast, non-drug and well-tested treatment techniques based on the newly emerging fields of subcellular psychobiology and psycho-immunology.

Title:  Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook: Subcellular Causes of Psychological Symptoms

Date of Publication:  Nov 1, 2014

Diagnostic Subcellular Psychobiology

This groundbreaking work shows how psychological and physical symptoms arise from damage inside the cell itself. For the first time, psychological symptoms that range from trauma to serious mental illness can be understood as perceptions of biological problems at a subcellular level.

This handbook is specifically designed as a desk reference for therapists and psychiatrists diagnosing and treating clients. Containing over 50 diseases and disorders of the cell, each entry gives a brief description of the cause, an illustration of the subcellular biology, differential diagnosis, and the standard psychological-like techniques that treat these biological issues quickly and effectively.

Radical change to the field of psychology is now possible with this approach, including a needed shift to ‘pay for results’ billing. This first generation of subcellular cases includes:

  • the epigenetic origin of generational, associational, and biographical trauma
  • why trauma techniques sometimes won’t work
  • the fungal disease cause for schizophrenic voices
  • how suicidal feelings originate from birth trauma
  • subcellular perceptions that cause spiritual emergencies
  • a cross reference to ICD-10 categories
  • and more…

 Grant McFetridge Ph.D. is the founder of the Institute for the Study of Peak States. He is a pioneer in the field of prenatal and trauma psychology, and the developer of the Whole-Hearted Healing® regression technique. His background is multidisciplinary: he still occasionally teaches electrical engineering at a university in California. 

This book was specifically written as a textbook for therapists who have been trained by Dr. McFetridge or his teaching staff. However, it was also written to introduce the new field of subcellular psychobiology to therapists, psychiatrists and physicians. 

 Where to find the book

For more information or to contact Dr. McFetridge, go to our website at

Other books:

The Basic Whole Hearted Healing Manual, by Grant McFetridge and Mary Pellicer MD, 2004

Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volume 1: Breakthrough Techniques for Exceptional Quality of Life, by Grant McFetridge with Jacquelyn Aldana, James Hardt and Zivord Slavinski, 2004

Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volume 2: Acquiring Extraordinary Spiritual and Shamanic States, by Grant McFetridge with Wes Gietz, Scott McGee and Adam Waisel MD, 2005.

Peak States Therapist’s Manual, by Grant McFetridge et al, 2005

Cat Saunders, Ph.D.

Author of “Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook: A Compassionate Guide for Being Human”


About “Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook”
(originally published in 2000; third edition published in 2015)
available on

For thousands of years, the socio-religious injunction to put others first has clouded the issue of self-care. After all, there will always be others, so if you put others first, who will take care of you?

Since cultural and religious conditioning has emphasized compassion for others, this book seeks a rebalancing of the “self versus other” dilemma by championing equal rights for self-care.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean you’re supposed to handle everything yourself without help. Taking care of yourself simply means that you are responsible for yourself, including asking for help. This book can help you take better care of yourself by encouraging you to discover, respect, and provide for your own needs.

The human heart will never be satisfied with caring only for the self. You can trust that if you take care of yourself, you will naturally want to care for others. And if you make sure that your own needs are met, your concern for others will arise from a genuine desire to give without expectation of return.

“Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook” is a well-designed, easy-to-read guide with 55 in-depth chapters and 500-plus margin quotations by people from all over the world. The book’s message is simple: Be compassionate with yourself and take good care of yourself. If you do this, it will be the best gift you can give yourself, humanity, and the planet.

Praise for “Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook”:

“Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook is a treasure. Its carefully gathered quotes alone make the book worth having. Cat has created a work of truth, power, and beauty.” —Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”

“Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook is a valuable resource for those who seek to build stronger and more respectful relationships with themselves, others, and the world. I heartily recommend Cat’s warm and openhearted style and the way she treats readers as partners on the path of personal growth.” —Laura Davis, author of “The Courage to Heal”

About Dr. Cat:

Cat is a counselor and consultant, death doula, and nonsectarian minister in private practice since 1985 in Seattle, Washington. In addition to “Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook,” she is the author of more than 200 articles and interviews, many of which have been reprinted in periodicals throughout the United States and abroad.

From a series of 1300 daily drawings completed in 1983-1987, Cat created a deck of healing cards called “Shadow and Light: Images of Change and Transformation for Women in Recovery” (published in 2007).

Cat has been interviewed on radio and television regarding her counseling practice, her work with anger, and her series of articles on death. In addition, her lifelong devotion to interdisciplinary forms of prayer led her to found Rent-A-Monk, which makes certain aspects of her spiritual work available to others.

To honor Cat’s lifelong passion for work with death and dying, she serves as a “death doula” to provide end-of-life care and support for individuals and their families. When people close to death are comatose or otherwise verbally impaired, Cat helps them convey their needs and wishes nonverbally when they are unable to communicate in more conventional ways.

For more information about Cat and her work, please visit

Dr. Natalie Rogers, Ph.D., R.E.A.T.

Natalie Rogers, author of The Creative Connection: Expressive Arts As Healing, and Emerging Woman: A Decade of Midlife Transitions, is a pioneer in expressive arts therapy, leading trainings in Europe, Russia, Latin America, Japan, and the U.S.
Natalie Rogers, Carl Rogers’ daughter

Dr. Rogers trained and practiced as a psychotherapist. Natalie founded the Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Institute and its parent organization, Resources for Creativity and Consciousness, in 1984, where she has participated as teacher, trainer, workshop facilitator, consultant, and board member from that time and will continue until its closing in 2005. She is a full professor (adjunct) at the California Institute of Integral Studies, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and Distinguished Consulting Faculty at Saybrook Graduate School. She is an artist, mother, and grandmother.

Carl Rogers: A Daughter’s Tribute
A remarkable CD-Rom

To see description & technical specifications, click here.