As a spiritual community we are eager to acknowledge you for the work you are doing to make this a better world. Perhaps our paths have crossed because we share an affinity in our dedication to service and in our reference for the highest spiritual values.

If you have questions as you explore our site or you would like to participate in our community and hear more about who we are, don’t hesitate to make contact with us. You may reach us at Central:

Libby Adams, Ph.D.
Board President
Phone: 707-586-9484

Please mail Quarterly Reports with 1% and $225.00 annual donations to AIWP Central:

3000 East Main St. #166
Columbus, OH 43209

Please use Central’s mailing address for all AIWP / UIL business.

This includes:  Quarterly Reports with 1% and $225.00 annual donations from established AIWP congregations, and UIL enrollment applications & tuitions.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to file your reports AND for filing them on time! 
Your hard work and dedication is what makes AIWP all that it is now and in the future.