Founder’s Message

A Message From the Founder (Mel Suhd)

A major element of the mission of AIWP is to encourage individuals to reaffirm their religion of heritage. “Honor thy Mother and Father” means honoring one’s genesis, one’s own coming into being. No one has come into this world as a perfect human being. Nor was anyone’s religion of origin perfect. But denying one’s origin would be denying one’s roots, and the life path taken would thus be impeded by a self-esteem in which imperfections prevail over perfections, thereby blemishing the pleasure and right to “Love Thyself”. Many AIWP ministers’ religions are in fact quite different from those of their childhood families, but this progression in the defining of one’s own religion is only enhanced by embracing the way that one’s forbearers have shown.

AIWP was not founded to proselytize. It was not founded to compete with other religions. It was founded to honor the reality that each of us forms values and principles that many religions embrace. These individual values and precepts are the foundation of each person’s spiritual life. Thus, each of us can see ourselves as parishioners and leaders in many religions. Each of us can nourish ourselves by being in harmony with other religions and partaking of the unique values and principles that fit comfortably in the path we take. With this mission, AIWP ordinations have grown substantially over the years.

AIWP has been instrumental in helping its members perform their religious/spiritual work freely and peaceably. Correspondence over the years has confirmed that the IRS and local and state officials still honor the separation of church and state so clearly mandated in the Constitution of the United States. They recognize AIWP as they do other registered religions.

The costs for maintaining the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person are covered by contributions of ordained members. These donations include annual members’ renewal contributions, donations upon ordination and donations from those congregations who are receiving religious income. These contributions enable all members to share responsibility for supporting the services of the central office (inquiries, membership, processing of ordainment certificates, website, research, etc.).  AIWP has become a spiritual voice for the “good life.”